Jul 2, 2014

Good News for Bangalore Freshers

Only from Bangalore
We will take care of You
As a part of Train and Job program, http://www.tutoslive.com is offering 5 qualified freshers of 2014 Passed out from Bangalore, Karnataka, India an opportunity.
As a part of this program, we choose 5 Freshers and train them in a Live Class on Web Designing and Web Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySql and AJAX and deploy them on Jobs that are offered by our affiliates. The program starts on July 10th 2014 and we are now open for applications.

Send in your resumes to tutoslive.help@gmail.com with a subject "2014 FRESHER FROM BANGALORE" and we process your application and call the best qualified freshers.

Any fresh graduate of 2014 batch from any engineering background or MCA graduate can apply for this offer.

The offer opens now and you can start applying by sending in your resumes to tutoslive.help@gmail.com. The offer closes on July 8th 2014 and then on we will not be considering any application there after. Screening happens as soon as we receive the applications and we will be informing the candidates for both positive and negative results.

We are doing this to fill in the gap in the start-up society of Bangalore where they are facing acute shortage of talent and I will take care of bridging that gap. However you will be working under my mentor-ship until you are fully ready to take up a project on your own.

The course is a Live Online Training and you do not have to move out of your place to take the course. The course duration is 45 days and you will be with Tutoslive for 180 days which is equivalent to 6 Months.

This training is absolutely free for the five graduates and we do not charge a penny.

About Us:
Tutoslive is a Bangalore based start-up, providing online live training to students, employers and anybody who has a passion to build websites from scratch.
You can see more information about us at our website http://www.tutoslive.com
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