May 29, 2014

3 Things You dont know about Interviews

Job searching is a difficult period in every person’s life. Job seekers usually have lot of false impressions about job interviews. Understanding these misconceptions and fears can help you to perform better in any interview and provides to confidence.

#1) Higher the qualification Higher the chances to get the job
This is wrong for a number of reasons. You only need to meet the minimum qualification for the job. Bear this in mind during your interview, all you need to do is to be professional and personable at all times. Being the best candidate on the paper and even in reality can’t help, if you can’t bring confidence to the table. Impressing the interviewer with your skills is important. Know what the interviewer need and present it instead of telling them what you know.

#2) The interviewer is prepared for the interview
There are several reason why an interviewer may not be prepared for an interview, it could be their first interview and they might be nervous. Or they could be bogged down with work or personal issues and so they have not devoted proper time to prepare for the interview. Thus if you prepare really well it’s easier for everyone and moreover you are creating a better impression. Decide what and how to present yourself in advance, find ways to mention your past achievements and what you can bring in.

#3) The Interviewer will ask all necessary questions
It could happen that the person interviewing might be distracted and might miss some important points. Or you might be speaking with a hiring manager who doesn’t know as much about the job as the person you are working for, so the interviewer may not ask all the appropriate questions. It is your responsibility to bring up skills and qualification that are specifically required for the job so that the person interviewing you can report it back to the person who makes the final decision. And if they are making the final call, make the choice easier for them by addressing every aspect of the job description in a way that paints you as the perfect candidate. Find ways to work these point into the conversation.
Interview can be stressful for both interviewer and interviewee. After all the interviewer is just another human being once he is out of the chair. You can impress them by entering the conversation confident, prepared and personable.

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