Jan 20, 2014

5 Things to do when you are a graduate fresher and have time.

Graduates : I know you are overwhelmed with your studies and fun during your college times, now its time to shape your career and life. You may be in a job or someone who is looking for a placement or someone who wants to go abroad for higher studies, here we present top things you can do when you have time.

Take an online course.

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I sit at home and learn Chinese and PHP
Well when you are young and can learn a lot, wasting time is the last thing you want to do- get involved, utilize your time wisely and effectively. Time and tide waits for none. You can try taking some online course and increase your knowledge. Be it a new language or a new programming language, keep learning and practicing. This time is a time for introspection and giving it your 100 percent. Some websites that offer online courses are coursera , codeacademy , treehouse , memrise and tutoslive. Try learning a new skill and get your hands dirty. Don’t waste your time.                                            

 Give Social media marketing a try

Be Social Online 
Social media marketing is definitely the next big thing recently LinkedIn in its survey regarded it as one of the top skills to have in 2014. Experiment with your skills, give growth hacking a try apply for internships relating to social media marketing. You will get to learn a lot through the course of it all. Read articles on Hub spot about social media marketing and give it a try.  More and more businesses are moving online so Social media marketing has become more than important in years.

 Try a new sport

 Play some cricket- Get out get it going
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So why not try something new for a change, enough of that dullness try your hand at a new sport give adventure sports a try like rafting or even rock climbing sure it would be fun when everyone gets involved. Get out experiment meet new people have fun who knows when you would get some quality time again.  I am sure you would be tired of sitting in school and college lectures all this while well it’s time to break free from your normal schedule and enjoy doing something unique.

Discover the artist in you

Follow your passion
If dancing, writing, acting, video making are your passion but you couldn't  take it up due to parental pressure this is the time to explore various avenues and not stick to what your parents wanted for you. Discover a new you and make it count. Make beautiful paintings, create color in your life, make movies explore yourself.

Give back to the society

Participate in social reforms, help the society by giving the best you can.
Take part in volunteering activities contribute your valuable time for the betterment of the society. If poverty has often made you feel hopeless and the reckless behavior has bought you immense pain maybe this is your time to give back and help. Spend time with orphan kids, cook food for the homeless contribute and give back.

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