Oct 29, 2014

Basic and Intermediate PHP Course : Who can take? Why to take? What can you do with the course?

Greetings From Tutoslive,

Are you a blogger who wants to create your own theme? Tired of buying themes or downloading Free crappy themes? Like a theme of your competitor and want to do it on your post?

You have to read this.

Are you a Job Seeker in WordPress? Do you want to create themes and attend interviews well? Do you want to learn something which can get you a fair chance of landing in a job you like?

You have to read this.

Are you a designer using HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver? Do you know how to use Bootstrap? Do you want to make your designs dynamic and useful? Stuck at HTML and CSS only?

You have to read this.

What does the Course offer you?

We have designed the course in a way that there will not be any wastage of time in learning and hence we planned the course for 10 days, 45 minutes each day. Also the course have a project which runs for another 6 days , 3 hours each day. Downloadable videos, course material, class files, tough assignments is a plus.
  1. You will be learning the basics of PHP, how to start with, how does the web architecture work for you. 
  2. The course also deals with the key ingredients required to develop a dynamic website using an existing HTML+CSS template. 
  3. The course can also make you convert the same template into a WordPress theme which you can sell it on themeforest, envato or any other market place.
  4. More details of the course plan and structure is available at  http://www.tutoslive.com/course/12/0/Basic-and-Mid-Level-PHP
Who can take this course?
  1. Daily bloggers with a creative touch.
  2. Job Seekers in CMS domain or PHP domain
  3. Designers with HTML and Dreamweaver skills.
  4. People who stay at home and want to create their own web business.
  5. Entrepreneurs who want to learn and do by themselves.
Payment and Registering Information:

The course is priced at a very minimum 4000 Indian Rupees. We have made the payment into 2 installments for your convenience. The first installment of 1500 Indian Rupees should be made 2 days after the course starts and the next installment of 2500 Indian Rupees should be made 3 days before the course ends.
You can register for the course at http://www.tutoslive.com/register. Do select the course as Basic and mid-level PHP. 

One of our person will call you to help you for a safer and easier registration for the course once you register for the course.

If you still have questions, pick up your phone and dial 8105416760 now.

If you feel to email us, shoot an email to contact@tutoslive.com

We are here to help you 24X7 on any issue you may face.

Thank You.
Yours Tutoslive
Learn Faster Better and Easier.

Jul 2, 2014

Good News for Bangalore Freshers

Only from Bangalore
We will take care of You
As a part of Train and Job program, http://www.tutoslive.com is offering 5 qualified freshers of 2014 Passed out from Bangalore, Karnataka, India an opportunity.
As a part of this program, we choose 5 Freshers and train them in a Live Class on Web Designing and Web Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySql and AJAX and deploy them on Jobs that are offered by our affiliates. The program starts on July 10th 2014 and we are now open for applications.

Send in your resumes to tutoslive.help@gmail.com with a subject "2014 FRESHER FROM BANGALORE" and we process your application and call the best qualified freshers.

Any fresh graduate of 2014 batch from any engineering background or MCA graduate can apply for this offer.

The offer opens now and you can start applying by sending in your resumes to tutoslive.help@gmail.com. The offer closes on July 8th 2014 and then on we will not be considering any application there after. Screening happens as soon as we receive the applications and we will be informing the candidates for both positive and negative results.

We are doing this to fill in the gap in the start-up society of Bangalore where they are facing acute shortage of talent and I will take care of bridging that gap. However you will be working under my mentor-ship until you are fully ready to take up a project on your own.

The course is a Live Online Training and you do not have to move out of your place to take the course. The course duration is 45 days and you will be with Tutoslive for 180 days which is equivalent to 6 Months.

This training is absolutely free for the five graduates and we do not charge a penny.

About Us:
Tutoslive is a Bangalore based start-up, providing online live training to students, employers and anybody who has a passion to build websites from scratch.
You can see more information about us at our website http://www.tutoslive.com
You can see the number of students we trained until now at http://www.tutoslive.com/students
You can see our students interaction at http://www.facebook.com/groups/tutoslive
Follow us on twitter for more updates @tutoslivenow
To see our course videos visit http://www.tutoslive.com/courses or http://www.youtube.com/user/tutoslivideos
To see more job opportunities visit http://www.linkedin.com/company/tutoslive

You can see the potential of the tutor at http://www.tutoslive.com/tutors

Jun 5, 2014

5 Ways to Make Job Search Better

A job search often begins with a burst of enthusiasm, and an internal motivation and it gradually fades away. It is a frustrating period for every individual. Holding a degree certificate and resume in one hand and knocking doors with other hand is really disappointing.  There is no wonder if job seekers fall in desperation. Getting into your dream job never happened overnight and it takes constant hard work , a solid motivation to make that dream job a reality. For few lucky people the best scenario happens and, a job is secured during this initial period. For many, however, job searching is not an instant process, and can take months of effort. Keeping self-motivated at a high pace is essential to see the search through and land in your dream job. You might face some frustrating situation during your job search, and here are few tips to overcome those situations.

1.Tailored Resumes sell well.
Modify your  resume for every a Job
It doesn’t matter how many resumes get sent to employers if they are all hopeless. A high quality resume highlights all of the credentials, and the worth of a candidate. It should include all relevant information about skills, qualifications and work experience. And any gap should be accounted for and explained, rather than covered up.
Each resume should be shaped for each job, so that the necessary and relevant skills are highlighted each time. Use the available time to build up a quality visual resume which can showcase your skills effectively to the employer. Highlighting the value that one brings to the table, a visual resume would instantly make a best impression of the candidate within a heap of other applications.

2. Never wait for responses
All job-seekers are tempted to wait for a call back or response from the employer after sending out that first batch of resumes. No matter you get any response or not keep sending your applications. Doing so, you are maximizing the chances of securing a job.
Use this time for conducting a thorough research on the companies, it can be more appealing to the recruiter during the application process. It also helps in understanding the company’s policy on returning applications.
Some will get back to every applicant, others will only respond to those candidates who are to be given an interview call. It will be a long wait sitting around for a company.

3. Use Social Media Platform

Linkedin is the best Place
Waiting for job call can be disheartening. Giving up hope will end you up nowhere and, motivation level should be the same. This time can be utilized working on long-term strategies. Social media can be used as a platform to create positive and professional impression to potential employees.
Many jobs are posted exclusively online, through platforms such as LinkedIn. You can make your presence online to ensure time is being used wisely. This will also help to build a bridge between yourself and the employer.
Every person is allowed to profile skills in social network sites, professional blogs, and different job sites. This can help you to find more opportunity. Active online job search make you available for the employers always and, also raise your chances of being selected.

4. Learn to Accept Rejection
Rejection is common.
It is also important to learn that rejection is common in job search and move forward confidently. Rejection can only be dealt with by keeping a positive perspective and should never declaim the number of applications you send.
What if 100 applications received for one or two posts? Except the two who got selected for the job, every one have to experience the bitterness of rejection. Some companies do not have the policy of responding to candidates once the vacancies have been filled, this uncertainty is indeed toughest. Rejected from an employer is not the end of your life or dreams, always remember that there are more better job opportunities awaiting.

5. Keep the Volume of Applications Up

Apply Apply Apply
Keep in mind rejection and uncertainties are a part of the job searching procedure. Instead of getting disappointed over lost jobs, concentrate on the better opportunities coming up also focus on keeping up a steady volume of applications.
Even if starts to feel hopeless this strategy will help in keeping the drive of job search. Keep a record of applications you sent off. Doing this will make it highly obvious, when you loosen up your efforts.

Having positive and long term attitude helps to overcome the frustrations of searching for a job. In a highly competitive marketplace it is essential to keep up a descent volume of application. There are no wonder tricks or shortcuts for a job search only a constantly motivated state of willpower will work.

May 29, 2014

3 Things You dont know about Interviews

Job searching is a difficult period in every person’s life. Job seekers usually have lot of false impressions about job interviews. Understanding these misconceptions and fears can help you to perform better in any interview and provides to confidence.

#1) Higher the qualification Higher the chances to get the job
This is wrong for a number of reasons. You only need to meet the minimum qualification for the job. Bear this in mind during your interview, all you need to do is to be professional and personable at all times. Being the best candidate on the paper and even in reality can’t help, if you can’t bring confidence to the table. Impressing the interviewer with your skills is important. Know what the interviewer need and present it instead of telling them what you know.

#2) The interviewer is prepared for the interview
There are several reason why an interviewer may not be prepared for an interview, it could be their first interview and they might be nervous. Or they could be bogged down with work or personal issues and so they have not devoted proper time to prepare for the interview. Thus if you prepare really well it’s easier for everyone and moreover you are creating a better impression. Decide what and how to present yourself in advance, find ways to mention your past achievements and what you can bring in.

#3) The Interviewer will ask all necessary questions
It could happen that the person interviewing might be distracted and might miss some important points. Or you might be speaking with a hiring manager who doesn’t know as much about the job as the person you are working for, so the interviewer may not ask all the appropriate questions. It is your responsibility to bring up skills and qualification that are specifically required for the job so that the person interviewing you can report it back to the person who makes the final decision. And if they are making the final call, make the choice easier for them by addressing every aspect of the job description in a way that paints you as the perfect candidate. Find ways to work these point into the conversation.
Interview can be stressful for both interviewer and interviewee. After all the interviewer is just another human being once he is out of the chair. You can impress them by entering the conversation confident, prepared and personable.

At  www.tutoslive.com we offer Live classes to build websites, web applications using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and MySql to make you skilled and competent. We offer help in landing in  a job or you being a freelancer. Take this opportunity to learn from us.

Please feel free to leave you comments and suggestions below and I will duly reply to them.
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May 22, 2014

7 Effective ways to learn something new

Many of us procrastinate learning because learning is such a hard task. Hence we came up with a blog just to help people in showing how learning can be done in an easy and effective way. If learning takes more time than usual, you will just drop down the very idea of going forward with learning.
Speed of learning is not the only matter, retention, recall and transfer are also important. A learner needs to be accurately remember the information they have learned, recall it in a later stage and transfer in to a real life situation when necessary.
So what can a person do to become a better learner? Becoming an effective and efficient student is not something that happens overnight, but putting a few of these tips into daily practice can help you get more out of your study time.
1. Memory Improvement
memory can be improved through various methods

Memory plays a very important role in learning. If you remember what you learn, then it is a cake walk in learning. The main problem is how to keep the learning in tact in memory. Focus, avoid cram sessions, and structure your study time are some of the techniques that improve your memory in learning. Sometimes, visualizing what you learn will help in remembering.

2. Keep Learning and Practicing New Things
learn something new everyday

One sure-fire way to become a more effective learner is to simply keep learning. So if you're 
 learning a new language, it is important to keep practicing the language in order to memorize it. In a simple language it is called  "use-it-or-lose-it". If you want the new information you just
learned to stay put, keep practicing and rehearsing it. 
3. Learn in Multiple Ways 
The next time when you learn from Youtube Videos, do not forget to take notes of the video you are watching to learn. In spite of just listening to a podcast, which involves auditory learning, find a way to rehearse the information both verbally and visually. This involves describing it to a friend, taking notes or drawing mind maps. 

It is also important to record a class so that you can have a better learning both visually and auditory. This will boost your learning by 100%. When a data is stored in multiple parts of the brain there is more interconnections. This will help to pull out all the bit of information from the multiple storage in response to a single cue.

4. Teach to another Person

Teaching is the best way to learn

One of the best ways to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Remember your school day presentations. By teaching the whole class we used to learn more. You can apply the same principle by sharing your newly learned skills and knowledge with others.

Start by translating the information into your own words itself will help you to keep that piece of information in brain for a long time. Next step is to find a way to share what you’ve learned.  For example writing a blog post, creating a podcast, or participating in a group discussion. Teaching or explaining the concepts to a person is an effective way, you can start teaching your classmates and friends.

  5. Utilize Previous Learning

Always try to use your previous knowledge

Another great way to become a more effective learner is to use relational learning, which involves relating new information with your prior knowledge. For example, if you are learning about seasons try to connect your personal experience about different seasons, he time period of the seasons, the changes that occur in nature. Though not scientific every individual has little knowledge about seasons in their region. This way we can relate our prior-knowledge when we study something new.

6. More tests Boost Learning
Testing is a best way to improve memory

Though spending more time studying is one of the best ways to maximize learning, research has demonstrated that taking tests actually helps you better remember what you've learned. Studies revealed that students who studied and were then tested had better long-term recall of the materials, even on information that was not covered by the tests. Students who had extra time to study but were not tested had significantly lower recall of the materials.

   7. Stop Multitasking
Multitasking slow down the process of learning

Multitasking can make learning less effective. By switching from one activity to another, you will learn more slowly, become less efficient and make more errors. There are lots of people listen songs when study or eat or chat, remember these activities are resulting an inefficient learning no matter even if you invest a major portion of your time. How can you avoid the dangers of multitasking? Start by focusing your attention on the task at hand and continue working for a predetermined amount of time.

Start by focusing on just a few of these tips to see how you improve. A more effective learning can take time and constant practice moreover your determination.

May 19, 2014

How I answered 'Tell me about yourselves' in an Interview?

Did you attend an interview recently?
Did you attend an interview recently?
Have you ever attended an interview? Then you must have faced the question ‘Tell me about yourself?The dreaded but inevitable question at any interview. People usually start with 'Emm.. ehh' then start telling them about the 'date they were born' or 'admitted in school/college' ,their father, mother, brother, sister and even about girlfriend/boyfriend. 

Do you think the employer is really interested to know what you are interested in? No, all they want to know is whether you can be any good for their company. Why is it a guaranteed question and have a different answer in every interview?

Since each job spec is different and when you tell someone about yourself, indirectly it also applies how you can be effective for the job. It is not a generalization of your life but a very specific resume of what you have done in the past that will help this company in the future. 

So when you prepare for an interview it is also necessary to prepare an attractive TMAY(Tell Me About Yourself), a unique selling point and an elevator speech– imagine yourself with the CEO of the company in an elevator and you have until the ground floor to sell yourself – what would you say?

Maximum of 3 minutes is as long as you should really speak for. It should be a brief summary of your life to date and how the skills you have mastered makes you an effective and unique employee who fit in with the company. Outside interests are equally as important as work experience. Sports display team work, captaining a team shows leadership skills, being a member of a drama group displays confidence and an ability to communicate, voluntary work shows empathy and the ability to do something for nothing, helping children shows patience and flexibility – all examples show why the interviewer is not just interested in your last work placement but also your life skills. The most recent education can be touched on. Keep in mind – do not sound too polished and rehearsed, try and sound spontaneous as though you never imagined they would ask such a question!
Practice it out loud, practice it in front of your friends and family who will tell you how fantastic you are and why wouldn’t they want you and then practice it in front of someone a little more critical!
Focus on your extra curricular activities, which can help you bag this job right away.

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts before you attend an interview

Tell Me About Yourself?
Tell Me About Yourself?


  • Prepare and practice many times
  • Speak slowly and confidently
  • Sound enthusiastic and energetic
  • Refer to both work and social experiences
  • Try to match your skills with what the interviewer will be looking for
  • Prepare a TMAY to suit the company and specific position

  • Start with your earliest childhood memory
  • Criticize past employers
  • Make jokes
  • Tell them your name
  • Say ‘as you can see from my CV’

We Teach Web Development in a Live Class at www.tutoslive.com
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Mar 22, 2014

How Programming languages got their names?

Programmers generally agree that one of the hardest tasks in software development is naming things. One of things they have to name, though not very often, are new programming languages. When a new language is designed, the name chosen for it often follows one of several formulas: it's an acronym or abbreviation based on what it is (e.g., BASIC, COBOL, TCL, LISP), the name is derived from an existing language (e.g., C++, C#, CoffeeScript) or it's named after someone famous from math or computer science (e.g., Ada, Pascal, Turing). Sometimes, though, language designers get more creative when choosing a name. 
Here are the stories behind 5 of the the more unusual programming language names.
This article originally appeared on ITworld.com

#1 Python

Python Inspired by Monty Python
Who is proud now? Monty Python or Python?
The popular language, first released in 1991, was created in the late 1980's by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum. He created the new scripting language, derived from the ABC programming language, as a hobby during Christmas break. When it came time to pick a name for his creation, van Rossum wanted something "short, unique and slightly mysterious." He found his inspiration in the famous British comedy group Monty Python, of which he was a big fan.


A Jewel that is valued

Known as the "Swiss Army Chainsaw" of languages due to its flexibility and power, Perl was created by Larry Wall in the late 1980s. When it came time to choose a name, Wall said he wanted a short name with "positive connotations". He considered his wife's name (Gloria), before settling on "pearl." However, since there was already a programming language with that name (PEARL, the "Process and Experiment Automation Realtime Language"), he dropped the A and settled on perl. Note that, initially, the name was all lower case, inspired by Unix's all lower case vibe. It was only later, around the release of Perl 4 in 1993, that the name was capitalized

#3 Ruby

Ruby is a GEM
Ruby is a GEM

Ruby was developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz") in 1993 as a true object-oriented scripting language to be an alternative to Perl and Python. Like Perl, Matz wanted a name that was based on a jewel. After some discussion with colleague Keiju Ishitsuka, the name was whittled down to either Coral  and Ruby. Ruby was ultimately chosen, as Matz preferred and since it was also Ishitsuka's birthstone. Matz has made it clear that while the ruby birthstone (July) follows pearl (June) on the calendar, the Ruby language wasn't meant to be a successor to Perl (which Matz considered a "toy language"); Ruby, instead, was meant to replace it.

#4 Scala

Scala is used to scale and ascend
Scala is used to scale and ascend

 Scala is a language created by Martin Odersky in 2001 that is both a functional and object-oriented language. It was written to be compiled into Java bytecode (and, previously it could also be compiled into .NET). The name Scala was chosen for two different reasons: first, it's a combination of SCAlable LAN, since it scales well. Second, scala is also the Italian word for stairs or ladder, which gave it a nice double meaning, as it's meant to help you ascend to a better programming language.

#5 JavaScript

JavaScript is not from Java

 Netscape was the first to bring out a programming language that would allow web pages to become interactive - they called it Livescript and it was integrated into the browser (meaning that the browser would interpret the commands directly without requiring the code to be compiled and without requiring a plugin to be able to run it). Another programming language called Java (which required a separate plugin in order to run) became very well known and so Netscape decided to try to cash in on this by renaming the language built into their browser to Javascript.

That is all for now. Will come up with more articles soon. You may please leave a comment about your views on the article. 

I teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP and MySql at www.tutoslive.com


Jan 20, 2014

5 Things to do when you are a graduate fresher and have time.

Graduates : I know you are overwhelmed with your studies and fun during your college times, now its time to shape your career and life. You may be in a job or someone who is looking for a placement or someone who wants to go abroad for higher studies, here we present top things you can do when you have time.

Take an online course.

tutoslive blog pic
I sit at home and learn Chinese and PHP
Well when you are young and can learn a lot, wasting time is the last thing you want to do- get involved, utilize your time wisely and effectively. Time and tide waits for none. You can try taking some online course and increase your knowledge. Be it a new language or a new programming language, keep learning and practicing. This time is a time for introspection and giving it your 100 percent. Some websites that offer online courses are coursera , codeacademy , treehouse , memrise and tutoslive. Try learning a new skill and get your hands dirty. Don’t waste your time.                                            

 Give Social media marketing a try

Be Social Online 
Social media marketing is definitely the next big thing recently LinkedIn in its survey regarded it as one of the top skills to have in 2014. Experiment with your skills, give growth hacking a try apply for internships relating to social media marketing. You will get to learn a lot through the course of it all. Read articles on Hub spot about social media marketing and give it a try.  More and more businesses are moving online so Social media marketing has become more than important in years.

 Try a new sport

 Play some cricket- Get out get it going
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So why not try something new for a change, enough of that dullness try your hand at a new sport give adventure sports a try like rafting or even rock climbing sure it would be fun when everyone gets involved. Get out experiment meet new people have fun who knows when you would get some quality time again.  I am sure you would be tired of sitting in school and college lectures all this while well it’s time to break free from your normal schedule and enjoy doing something unique.

Discover the artist in you

Follow your passion
If dancing, writing, acting, video making are your passion but you couldn't  take it up due to parental pressure this is the time to explore various avenues and not stick to what your parents wanted for you. Discover a new you and make it count. Make beautiful paintings, create color in your life, make movies explore yourself.

Give back to the society

Participate in social reforms, help the society by giving the best you can.
Take part in volunteering activities contribute your valuable time for the betterment of the society. If poverty has often made you feel hopeless and the reckless behavior has bought you immense pain maybe this is your time to give back and help. Spend time with orphan kids, cook food for the homeless contribute and give back.

We take it as a pride to be one among the few institutes which make online live education possible.
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Jan 9, 2014

5 Reasons to take up an online course

Online Learning is a Huge Advantage:

In the era where time is a big constraint and skills are needed to land in a great job, Online learning has become very useful for the masses, we at Tutoslive are tapping that area and make you as a student, fit in the corporate world.

We are listing here some of the top reasons why we feel that online learning will be the next big thing and what are its advantages and some drawbacks over traditional learning - where one goes to various training institutes.

1) Stay Home and Learn


Stay Home Join Tutoslive
Momma will miss You
There were times when someone had to travel miles to get some quality education or a skill. In the age of technology, You do not need to travel miles but instead have a computer with internet hooked on. But online tutorials does not motivate you to learn which happens only with classroom education. Unless and until the trainer is pro active and interactive, it is hard to get motivated to learn a skill online. At Tutoslive we do the same, the course is more motivation oriented skill training. Here we teach PHP and Web Development in the most fun and interactive way which you can find no where.
2) No Migrations and No Travel


Stay Home Join Tutoslive
I Miss my Home

In developing countries, education is the main source of development and we see a lot of schools in every nook and corner of the country. But coming to a skill training or job opportunity, you need to migrate to a Closer City where training and job placements are more. This involves in moving out of your homes, going to a new place, staying in hostels, eating hostel cooked food. All this happen only with your interest to learn a course, land in a job and that too for a course which is not more than 2 hours a day. Online education solves this, you can learn from home and then migrate to a city when you gather confidence with a skill to get a job. You can eat home cooked food, hangout with friends in the evening, and do all sorts of other personal things attending the class form home.

3) Online education is great for socializing:


Stay Home Join Tutoslive
I met some cool people who I can be talk about technology

In traditional schools, we get to meet people confined to a locality. That is how we make our first friends. When we move out of college and learn a skill from an institute we meet people who have the same problem or same IQ and make friends. Like such, in an online school, you have no limit on meeting new people. You have the opportunity to meet more smart and enthusiast people from all corners of the world. The world may be big in area, but internet made miles into smiles, you connect with people instantly.

4) Improves your internet skills

Searching made easy with tutoslive
I get answers only when I ask it in a right way.                 
Everything today is online, be it shopping, ordering food, knowing technologies or socializing. We seldom try to know what is that thing behind the scenes which makes our life easier and more online. But when we take a course online and start learning, we will be interested in knowing things. You ability to look for answers and searching for questions will increase when you take an online class. At Tutoslive we teach you how the coolest things online are built and who knows you can build your next idea learning from us.

5) Online classes are recorded so that you can revise later


watch recorded classes from tutoslive
Now I can watch it at my pace, rewind, forward, pause
Online education uses a robust technology such that each and every detail of the class is voice and video recorded. They also record every action that happen on the trainers screen or projector. So if you feel like you missed a class while attending a ceremony or missed a class because you were sick, no problem, you can never miss a class with these recorded online class.

We take it as a pride to be one among the few institutes which make online live education possible.
Thanks to all those who supported us in our journey.

You can leave any questions in the comments section and I will duly reply.
We also teach you how to build websites the fast and easy way sitting at home in less than 30 days.

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