Nov 9, 2013

Why do most freshers find it hard to get jobs?

There are several reasons behind the Student who recently graduated from engineering colleges, who did not get selected in campus recruitment. Here in my post I will highlight a few of them.

 #1 Engineering Students are creative but lack the skills that market require

"Yes I am creative but I did not know what to put in my resume"
Yes, we study programming languages like C, Cpp, Java, HTML and concepts like Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Algorithms etc. But we do not carry them forward, we read it for examinations. Once the examination is done, the subject knowledge expires. Some of our peers may remember them for the rest of the years, but the syllabus gets outdated once we are come to the industry or real market. As the technology is increasing on folds, our knowledge stays there until we get a job and work real time.

"We write 100 lines for a 8 mark question but cannot answer a simple logic question"

#2 Engineering students enjoy most of their college life and worry when it ends.


"We either spend playing in the classroom or hanging out of the classroom"
We join college, suffer ragging, make friends, more friends and then the life starts. We live in a different world. The best phase of someone's life is the 4 years we spend in the college. We feel the classes boring and canteen interesting. We hate labs and love movie screens. It does not mean we fail in the examinations, we are creative enough to pass through them as mentioned in the #1. We seldom concentrate on the career until we realize that we do not have a job after graduation. Our friends get frustrated and join GATE coaching centers, some fly abroad, some join courses hoping to get a job.

#3 Friends become competitors after graduation


"Be it anything productive, there is a competition"

 We do have competitors in college too, if at all we are a ranker are someone who sits in the first rows. But the real competition starts when we are out of college and our friends deny giving information about their next plan. Of course close friends do pass information and even spy on their friend's competitor. lack of a proper guide to show what;s next is a problem for most of the freshers. What course has a demand, where to learn, which company offers a job in that course, well if we dig, we have more questions than answers. There is no one to answer these questions. All we do is follow someone.

#4 Engineering Students do not know technologies that can fetch a job


"Choosing a technology with less competition and more jobs is an art"

As discussed in #3, we are clueless about most of the technologies. With a very limited knowledge of the market, we follow most of the other students and end up in a very huge competition. It is always better to choose a technology which has less competition or more jobs. Technologies like Javascript, PHP, python, perl have more jobs and less competition and you can end up in a very good career. New trends like content marketing, seo, sem and social media management has been picked up. You can always land in a job with these technologies or you can set up your own company.

As of now, I can only publish these reasons, I continue posting the reasons as an when, they strike my mind.

Until then, happy engineering. Please feel free to leave any comments. Share your thoughts.

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Disclaimer: This post is intended at the Btech Freshers from India.All images used are taken from google search. I do not claim ownership of the pictures used.

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