Nov 15, 2013

Top 3 Places to look for a Job..[You can do this sitting at home]

Tutoslive has recently conducted a survey to know how many people are jobless and the reasons behind it.

You can also take part in the survey here. The results of the survey can be seen here .

From the survey we knew that either you are jobless or you know at-least one person who is jobless, and most of the people have no confidence or no hope in getting a job in the near future. Most of them have taken courses privately apart from a college degree and are still in the job hunt. 

We observed that the real problem lies in the Job Hunt. I have personally called some of the people who subscribed on our website and was astonished to know a fact that, people have less knowledge of the places they do search for a job. They either depend on referrals (asking someone to refer them to a job) or post it on Naukri/Monster.

The fact about Naukri/Monster is that, most of the jobs posted there are from consultancies and for experienced programmers. They seldom care about the freshers. Most of the companies out there need contractors who work on a part time basis for a particular project. Fresh graduates also run behind people who are already in the job asking for referrals. But the fact is that your desperation to a job end up in You getting cheated for money or the person may not give a referral.

So keeping that in my mind, I will present the top 3 websites to look for a job and how do you actually search on those websites.



This is my personal favorite. Many of the companies use Linkedin to boost their sales and find the right talent. There are also groups where people post the jobs. You can go to the website by the clicking the link above , If you are there first time, sign up , or login and type a keyword in the search bar, click on the jobs and you see a lot of them. You can see them in the picture below.

You can save the jobs for future reference and you can also even subscribe for similar jobs for similar location. 


The next best in business is Skillpages. Skillpages is one website I feel updates the users with real jobs. Unlike Naukri, Monster where they concentrate more on Consultant or contract jobs, Skillpages has some jobs which are posted by the companies alone. All you have to do is visit the website by clicking the link above and if you are there for the first time signup or login. You can search for a keyword and look for jobs. All the jobs will be listed. You can save the keywords and receive emails directly to your inbox about the jobs.


Indeed is the fastest growing Job Portal, which is used by most of the employers. The reason for it to be popular is that it is straightforward. You can submit your resume, and save the job searches to get update. I am not providing the screenshot here since it is pretty understandable.

Along with this, You keep trying with monster, naukri or whatever the website you think can work for you. After all, do not leave anything, we do not know how opportunities come and from where. You can also check other websites like,, and sulekha .com etc.

As of now these are the updates from, please subscribe to us to know more details. The next post we will be telling you about the next step.

How to respond to a Job Post? How to email to a HR?

You can leave any questions in the comments section and I will duly reply. If you feel like I have missed some websites which are useful, let me know so that I will add up them in the next post.
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